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Does My Sexiness Offend You?

-Blogged By @vibrantthang

In the words of da brat in 1997 via “ladies Night” “If it's too hot, then get that ass up out the kitchen... Listen Carefully I don't give a damn if you don't care for me!”

See the thing about sexually liberated women that choose to use their bodies as they please no matter the opinion of others; is they bruise the ego of men and even worse “the pick me” Females.

“Like the audacity of these women to be sexually liberated!” The gall of her to openly talk about what she likes inside and outside of the bedroom. The nerve of this woman to say she has a W.A.P in a song. OMG, the horror! *insert FAKE outrage*

Let's take this back... A moment. What yall thought the women's rights movement was about? ...Women only getting the opportunity to vote? Then Women’s rights fight was fought not only to secure equal rigs for women and to remove gender discrimination from laws and institutions. A major part was reversing behavioral patterns. Granted this movement was started when the majority of my ancestors were still enslaved. With Black women later joining the fight, it eventually sparked a shift in the conversation of the role of women in society.

Now let's come back to reality.

As long as females are (still )in 2020, staying neatly and tightly within the guidelines and restrictions society loves to keep us in. Everyone is satisfied. There is no conversation.

But the moment a free-spirited woman dates and/or shares her body with who she wants when she wants. Here comes every label in the book. Ho, Thot, the list goes on.

Well, I heard through the grapevine it's a special breed of female you couldn't throw in a box if you wanted to. They’re burning stereotypes, gender roles, responsibilities, cliches, and the whole damn box you tried to put them in!

See if my sexiness and the language choose to express my sexuality offends you so much, the only route you have to choose is to mind that business! Because nothing you say or do can affect the way I choose to move.

My sexuality doesn't impact my work ethic, my ability to be a great Mom or have anything to do with my intelligence.

Us women were given wombs for a reason. We hold the whole world literally beneath our thighs and yet and still, our sexual liberation is always a battle and topic of conversation. The real question is, why?

Let me answer that…


Them fragile little egos yall carry around with you like its part of your fit.

That same ego that allows you to believe you deserve a “WHOLESOME Wife” but still creep around with “City Girls” y’all despise so much behind your beautiful “Wholesome” wife’s back. ’ Why is that y’all LOVE to secretly covet the women you publicly hate?

I mean do you hate sexually liberated women or do you love them?!? Pick a side and stay there! Ima say y’all love them so much its borderline hate. And we all know that line is thin. So then it shows up as disdain. But is it a self-imposed form of disdain? Or is it the fact that you secretly hate yo momma? I- OP! Topic of discussion for another day!

And some of y’all men don't even really like women for who they are. You literally just love to have sex with us, possess us, fetishized us, conquer us and that again goes back to that ego.

We laughing at y’all tho.. We the women .. our ancestors fought & died for us to be. free and limitless.

& we literally will bring all the world to its knees whole raising children.. getting degrees and building businesses... All while keeping my pretty, manicured toes right on your throat!

TF you thought?! … haha 💋



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