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My Favorite Position is SHE-E-O.

We are elated and overjoyed to announce the official launch of House of Neleh!

Many of you have become acquainted with Miss Raddiya Dunmore, our very own Guest Blogger, MUHVA, Early Childhood Educator, Celebrity Stylist, & Fashion Expert. Allow us to re-introduce Miss Raddiya, SHE-E-O & Founder of House of Neleh.

“House of Neleh (Est. 2021) “Bringing Light to Fashion.”

This Blessing has been received & birthed in honor of Raddiya’s late Grandmother, Helen Dunmore as well as the plethora of influential Women in her life.

House of Neleh, CEO Raddiya Dunmore has garnered an exceptional eye for detail as she uses her knowledge of brand recognition, as well as brand designers, style icons, and all of the latest trends.

A self-proclaimed fashion expert, Miss Dunmore leverages her personal knack for style to create a hands-on experience for her clients that is unique to their style.

House of Neleh Specializes in enhancing its client’s personal image to cultivate the exclusivity required to command brand awareness.

Raddiya cites her ability to leverage her unparalleled sense of creativity as she designs looks for her clients as the differentiating factor of her brand.

On this Mother’s Day we have the honor to celebrate, honor, and cherish the light and blessing that is SHE-E-O, Raddiya Dunmore’s life as she transitions into this new facet of her life. Please join us in congratulating Raddiya as she embarks on this new journey of femmepreneurship.

Follow @houseofneleh on IG!

Follow @vibrantthang for more official updates of the House of Neleh Brand and all things fashion!

Stay tuned as Raddiya continues to bless us with the unprecedented drip that she continues to bless us with!



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