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The Marketable Woman.

Who is she you ask? Allow us the pleasure of introducing you to The Marketable Woman.

The Marketable Woman is like a compass. She is able to navigate any territory whether it is within an industry, amid her profession/career, or any niche that she intends to develop. The Marketable Woman is grounded in a deep sense of self. She is clear about her desires and understands her opportunities for growth.  She recognizes her skill(s) and she leverages them accordingly.

The Marketable Woman is fueled by her purpose and driven by her destiny. She is versatile, unique, and unapologetically herself. She, in no way shape or form, conceives herself to be perfect; nor does she strive to be. The Marketable Woman accepts that she is in a constant cycle of evolution. No matter the level of success or notoriety she experiences she continues to be an avid student in life.

Meet Marketable Woman MiMi @StylebyMi. MiMi's definition of being a Marketable Woman:

"...Never giving up and always being yourself."

MiMi is a 27 years young, fresh-faced, authentic stylist. She was born and raised in CT focused on living life in her purpose and building her empire! MiMi is the proud owner and founder of @doseofmi an online boutique that caters to women's clothing (sizes S-3x) and accessories. MiMi also hosts an annual networking brunch and other events centered around extending networth to creatives and local entrepreneurs under the brand umbrella @minglingwithmi. Additionally, MiMi lends herself to personal styling with the expansion of her brand as @lewksxmi.

Are you a Marketable Woman? We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment! Let us know what being Marketable means to you!



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