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working. Also you don't need any additional tools because Tabs (set as for example in my.scpt file) are installed by the bundle. This is a set of actions you can combine to a single command. With that, you could do something like this: _2. Add the command in your.scpt file:_ **CSN=WifiCommandScript.scpt** _3. Set the_ `CSN` _to your command._ `SWS(WifiCommandScript.scpt);` You can also download my first edition of this book and read it in the comfort of your own home. # References 1. Matt Brian. _Remote Access for Apple Devices_. New Riders Publishing, 2013. 2. Jeffrey M. Lieberman. _Thinking in Java_. Pearson Education, Inc., 2010. 3. W. Scott Moe. _AppleScript Hints_. Accessed at: . 4. Apple Inc. _AppleScript Programming Reference_. Accessed at: . 5. Apple Inc. _Scripting Language Reference_. Accessed at: . # Chapter 7. Automating In this chapter, we will automate the process of opening an application by scripting it to run a predetermined series of actions. This is very easy to do in AppleScript, but it can be tricky in JavaScript, although JavaScript's `Object.create` and `Object.keys` functions are ideal for this task. **System Configuration:** * **System requirements:** This recipe requires that you have a recent MacBook Pro with a working OS X installation with a version of Safari equal to or greater than 11. # Introduction One of the major features that has caused many users to gravitate toward the Apple ecosystem is the ease of using a mouse and keyboard. Not all applications support the mouse and keyboard, and some allow the user to choose whether they prefer to use them or not. If an application that you want to use doesn't support them, it's really easy to use AppleScript to automate the process of opening the application in its default state. Let's start by




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