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About Me

I am Kacee M. King, Founder, and SHE-E-O of Krown Me King, LLC, and Krown Me King Logistics! I am elated to celebrate the never-ending transition of my journey as a Blogger, VP, Mortgage Loan Originator, Real Estate Investor, Logistics Investor, Dispatch Coordinator, and Expert Business Development Strategist Consultant.


I formed Krown Me King in November of 2018, a pivotal moment for me as I uprooted my entire life in December of 2018. My experience in life has been nothing short of jubilant, thus I thought it essential to share the progression of my Blog, my Business, and my Brand. For those of you who are familiar with me, I began blogging in an attempt to expedite my own healing, a form of transparent self-care. I have been fortunate enough to reach many women with shared and similar experiences that have found tremendous value in the Blog. I attribute my ability to maximize the variety in my skillset as a profoundly Spiritual Healer, a Business-Savvy Professional, and a Marketable Entrepreneur. Being a multi-faceted Woman that possesses the innate qualities to be malleable and excel in any area has served me well. My passion lies in my ability to take my transferable skills and leverage them to educate others to reach their goals. 


As such, the Business Mantra has elevated to include a component that I take tremendous pride in. As a consultant, I am prepared to support, assist, and strategize with new, existing and prospective business owners!


I founded KrownMeKing with the ambition of utilizing the tools I have gained in an effort to support women in need. As a Black Woman, my personal mission in life is to ensure that everything I learn, I share. Whether it is self-care or lifestyle tips, financial planning, and emergency savings funds, or demanding one’s own healing.

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