35… This is 35.

As I sit back and reflect while I consider all that has allowed me to arrive at this very pivotal moment in my life. It is at this very moment, that I commit to taking up space fully, and authentically. After all, it has taken me 35 years to get here… thus the importance of honoring the space that I am in is essential to the very core of my being.

“Honoring the space that you’re in.”

The phrase alone brings me to such a climactic capacity. Digesting the elements required to honor and present agency over in my current territory, encourages me to be cognizant of every experience that has guided my ability to honor the space that I occupy, admittedly and, fully.

First things first, I…made it! I, me, she, HER! I made it. I have reached, achieved, and sustained levels that are unheard of for a young black woman, raised in a single-parent household, exposed to sex, sexual abuse and molestation, drugs, guns, and violence at early age should not have. When I reflect on the very beginning phases of my life, it is almost impossible for me not to be in awe of everything that I have overcome to get to where I am. I mean honestly, I should be a basket case and sometimes I feel like I am. So when I glorify the fact that I ‘made it. The term ‘making it’ has less to do with materialistic components of success and everything to do that I quite literally survived EVERYTHING that was meant to break me.

I have reached, achieved and sustained levels that are unheard of for a young black woman, raised in a single-parent household, exposed to sex, sexual abuse and molestation, drugs, guns and violence at an early age, should not have.

Exhibiting the courage to navigate the deep and sometimes even dark remnants of my past, I am elated that not only have I overcome them all, but I have truly worked through them. Gone is the notion that by age______, I should have______, should be______. I cannot express the amount of duress I created for myself by c doing my best to emphatically stick to this timeline of what I imagined my life should be. I recall a time in my early 20’ specifically, when I was married to my planner and overly attached to my schedule. I had to have every minute and every detail of my life mapped out.

My retail banking career was just beginning to thrive and because I was determined to adhere to a certain lifestyle, I also worked overnight at a group home for mentally challenged adults. My ‘day job’ at the bank consisted of me working from 11-8 Sunday and Monday. I had Tuesday and Wednesday off and then resumed working Thursday and Friday. I simultaneously worked overnight from Sunday- Wednesday. Eventually, I shifted my overnight schedule so I could begin taking classes at NCC.

I was determined to adhere to a certain lifestyle.

It was December 2008, I had my first apartment on Fairfield Ave in Bridgeport. Before moving out I saved just enough money to purchase a Queen mattress and box spring from Macy’s. I couldn’t afford the bedroom set before moving out so I purchased a metal frame from Goodwill. Because I had vision and foresight for my bachelorette pad, I worked incessantly to afford the $1,100 four-post, wooden bedroom set that I had my eye on. The bedroom set was beautiful! I went by the furniture store every week until I could afford it and kept my eye on it. It included a spacious dresser and mirror as well as a five-drawer vertical chest. When I was finally able to afford my dream bedroom set I was elated! I felt an assured sense of confidence! in setting a goal and accomplishing it. Moreover, a sense of self-set in. Self-reliance and self-sustenance grew as integral components of my personality. The next goal I set for myself was furnishing my living room. Given that I had earned the title of Supervisor at the bank, I was able to enjoy the sales incentives that came along with it. As such, I leveraged one of my bonus checks to purchase my dual reclining sofa from Jennifer convertibles. Next, it was my desk and chair that served as my make-shift office in the far right corner of my living room. Finally, at the end of my first year, I was able to strategically purchase a living room TV as well as a laptop for my office. My Mother knew how hard I was working and wanted to gift me a dinette set to compliment my cozy apartment. It was all coming together so wonderfully! The sense of joy and happiness that settled in as I recognized all of the efforts coming to fruition was unmatched! Honing in on the skills required to carefully craft and adhere to a schedule that would optimize my finances and ultimately ensure that I was able to succinctly curate the life that I knew that I deserved was and has remained a fundamental component of my livelihood.

There was one specific moment during this time where I did everything within my power to have consistent productive and perfect days. I was having lunch with my mother during a rare few hours off, and I was on the verge of breaking down because I couldn’t hold the toxic relationship I was in, together with any longer. Chile. I got the man that I thought that I wanted as well as all of the turmoil that came along with it. (The irony in getting what you want, I know.) He claimed that I was the woman that he wanted, however, he just could not stop having sex with other women. Because he was so sloppy and careless, I caught him on numerous occasions. On this specific occasion, I was reeling in the misery that I felt that I perpetuated. I had recently discovered a homemade porn video starring the man that I lived with and a woman he was engaged in a sexual relationship with. Yes, Hunny! He recorded himself having a full-blown session with what I believed to be a random young woman in our apartment!

I found homemade porn starring the man that I lived with and a woman that he was in a sexual relationship with,

So as I sat across the table from My Mother trying to hold it all together… she reached for my hand and told me that she could see my world of perfection crumbling all over my face, I lost it. I cried a river of tears that I thought could absolve me from this interminable state of perfection that I aimed to create. To me, the failure of said relationship translated into personal failure. I felt that being a good woman wasn’t enough, working hard wasn’t enough, being intelligent wasn’t enough, having a great job wasn’t enough, being a goal-setter and goal-getter wasn’t enough, presenting myself well wasn’t enough…ultimately I wasn’t enough. It was a challenging space to occupy, to say the least. By refusing to allow me to feel, or process what I was experiencing, I caused myself far more damage than healing. I stayed. I continued on this relationship because I thought that if I could fix something within myself, that I could fix us. That self-diminishing thought process couldn’t be further from the truth. The harder I worked, the further I climbed up the corporate ladder, and essentially the more money I made, the more egregious his behavior became. Eventually, I found myself and in doing so, I discovered the courage to walk away….

Fast-forward to a decade a change later. Several failed relationships, friendships, jobs, business ventures, experiences later. I now realize that much of who I was and what I experienced is all a culmination of who I have journeyed and continue to journey to become, Kacee M. King, MBA, a 35-year-young woman, Momprenuer, Boss, Mom, daughter, lover, creator, author, blogher, fashionista, business strategist, etc, etc, etc. A testament to me occupying and honoring the space that I am in, showing up abundantly, flawed, imperfect, authentic, boisterous, and joyously flat-footed in all that I am. I have made the executive decision to stand on just that! Understanding all that it took for me to learn to love myself for who I am, rather than berate myself for everything that I am not. I am allowing myself to take up space just as I am. Not when I lose 15 lbs, not when I become a millionaire, not when I become a Wife, not when my daughter starts walking (Yes Chile! She is 15 months and taking her sweet time!). I am celebrating each milestone as they are presented. I am not holding space for anything else that stands to come to fruition. I am honoring the space that I am in now because I deserve it. I worked hard for it. At this present stage, I refuse to self-sabotage and admonish myself for all that I am not. I will not beat myself up for everything that I did NOT do. I won’t assume any more responsibility for my shortcomings than necessary. I’ve made poor decisions, I have said or done the wrong things, I’ve kept quiet when I should have spoken up, I have lashed out when I should have taken a moment to gather my thoughts, I have done many things wrong, but I have also done so many things right, I won’t create any space for Mommy guilt, I will celebrate every beautiful moment that my daughter and I share. Most importantly, I will celebrate any and every minute form of success, because I deserve to.

I am honoring the space that I am in presently. Namastè.

Well, it depends on who you ask…it can really be both!

Financial experts celebrate the New Year on October 1, while most of us operate contingent upon the calendar year from January- January.

Inevitably, the way that you manage your finances and manage your enterprise as a self-governed entity depends on when you elect to participate in the New Year. For my personal as well as business preference I prefer to operate with the fiscal New Year’s start date of October 1, and here’s why.

In preparation for the holiday season as well as the calendar start of the New Year in terms of financing and budgeting, I have always found it much easier to begin earlier than to start late. Think about it, from October- December we are essentially in holiday mode. Beginning with Thanksgiving and ending with Christmas. While most of us are attempting to adhere to a monthly household budget in addition to ensuring that we are able to celebrate the holidays without going into debt; while still maximizing our savings…the holiday season can certainly present its fair share of challenges! Having a financial ‘eg-up, so to speak on budgeting can and will set any savvy saver up for success when it comes to ensuring that their assets are protected during the holiday season as well as the duration of the year.

So, if you have been managing your finances based on the calendar year…No worries! Q4 is an excellent time to hit the reset button and put things in perspective for the remainder of the year, while simultaneously stepping into the New Year. Here are few steps to prepare you for success as we look forward to stepping into the New Year with purpose, comprehension of our finances, great credit scores, healthy relationships and so much more!

  • Check and re-check your bank statements

  • Is your account being assessed any maintenance fees? While free checking accounts are almost obsolete, there are ways to earn fee waivers with minimum account balances, qualifying transactions, etc. Reach out to your personal banker to determine banking options for you.

  • Are you carrying balances on any credit cards?

  • If so I am sure you are paying a TON of unnecessary interest. The good news is, almost every credit card issuer offers a 0% balance transfer as an introductory APR.

  • Utilize the 0% balance transfer to pay off balances for 12-18 months and save yourself some money!

  • There may be a fee affiliated with the transfer that is typically a percentage of the transfer so be sure to get all of the info upfront before transferring.

*you may want to consider dumping funds from savings on an extensive credit card balance… think about it, if your credit card is charging you 22% in interest and you are only earning 0.05% on your savings…are you REALLY saving? This brings me to my next point. SAVINGS.

  • Have diversified your retirement, emergency, and long-term savings?

  • IRAs both Traditional and Roth have considerable benefits…when is the last time you have reviewed your retirement plan?

  • Emergency funds should cover any unexpected expenses, flat-tire, kids need new shoes, medical expenses, etc.

  • Short-term savings should be the last place you invest money into for those desired items, vacations, new purses, new game consoles, etc.

  • Long-term savings may be an investment vehicle such as your 401 (k) or IRA.

  • Cable, Internet & Phone???

  • This is the perfect time to review your contract with your current service provider. Did you sign up for an introductory promotion that has now expired? If so, ask what the current offer is. If it is only available for new customers, SWITCH.

  • Carefully review the itemized version of your phone bill…how many add-on services are you paying for that you were unaware of??? There are a plethora of hidden fees!

  • Shop your banks/financial institutions.

  • What rate of return are you earning on your accounts?

  • Check out Synchrony, CapitalOne, & Barclays online accounts for the highest yielding savings.

  • Check on your insurance policy.

  • Are you eligible for any premium reductions?

  • Is there an option for cash out if necessary?

I hope that you were able to find value in the information presented in this week’s edition of #FinanceFriYAY. As with any other integral facet of life, finances desire to be reviewed with frequency and attentiveness. In addition to the suggestions included in the blog, please be sure to take your time to review your accounts for accuracy. Banks as well as other financial institutions make mistakes as well. The key to being a savvy financier is managing your finances in a timely fashion with accuracy! Drop a comment and let me know if this information was valuable or if there are any Finance FriYAY! Topics you would like to discuss! Remember to join the community!

Does debt keep you up at night? I sure hope not!

If you are reading this blog post, I will safely assume one of two things. 1.) You are savvy and insightful when it comes to managing your finances, or 2.) This is the first step that you are taking to create the financial stability you deserve as you govern your personal and professional enterprises. Before we delve right into debt pay-off methods, let’s touch briefly on the basics of credit.

Given the current economic climate as well as the myriad of Women operating as self-governed entities, the opportunities for personal advancement (including sound finances) are endless. With that said, strategically planning and implementing a cohesive process that includes deliberately leveraging credit. Let’s touch on the basics.

Credit is a culmination of these 5 components:

Character- Speaks to the story that your credit score and report relays to creditors. Think about it, future and prospective lenders do know you from a hole in the wall. Thus, your credit report and scores paint a vivid and descriptive picture of who you are as a creditor. Do you make timely payments? Do you carry a balance or pay in full? Etc.

Conditions- Please be sure to gain a comprehensive understanding of the terms outlined by the creditor. Examine and compare interest rates as well as payback penalties, excessive fees, annual fee contributions, etc.

Capital- What do you bring to the table? Do you have any skin in the game? Creditors like to know that you won’t run off on the plug…literally. Typically, three months of reserves allow the creditors to gain a certain level of comfort.

Capacity- Goes hand in hand with Capital. This essential speaks to your ability to pay creditors back. Can be measured by assets, viable income, or a combination of the two.

Collateral- In most cases, collateral describes an item(s) that can be bartered by the individual seeking credit to imply good faith. Further, the item(s) may be repossessed by the creditor in the event that payment defaults.

So now that we have that information under our belt. How do we manage the credit and/or debt that we have already amassed?


One of my favorite methods to pay the debt down and off is the snowball method. When you find yourself staring at your credit card bills, car note, hospital bills, etc. and you don’t know where to start…the snowball debt method is a trusted ‘go to’. Here’s why: by leveraging the snowball method, the user is able to experience quick confidence boosters as the balances on debt owed begin to diminish.

Here’s how it works:

Sit down with your budget. Start by reviewing your monthly net (after taxes income), place that at the top of your list or worksheet if you’re a savvy Excel user. Then begin to list your non-negotiable items, your needs, such as childcare expenses, home loan or rental payments, car notes, etc. Next outline the items that you desire, your wants. Now some may argue that their cell phone expense is a need vs wants, and I am inclined to agree… sort of. Granted, in today’s world we all require access and communication. However, we do not all require the latest and greatest iPhone with all of the extended features. And while we are in the process of managing our finances, ascertaining what we can afford and what makes the most sense while we are paying debt down, reviewing your service providers for both phone and internet are definitely a great place to start. Once we have our needs vs wants clearly delineated, let’s head on over to the debt.

To begin the snowball debt method; take a look at the smallest balance you are carrying on a card or line of credit, list that first. Then begin to list the debts as the balances increase. Next to each debt listed, ensure that you are capturing the balance owed as well as the minimum payment required monthly. An example:

Now that you have established wish debt you wish to pay first, let’s discuss the way in which this actionable item will be completed. To be effective in this process, remain disciplined in the payment approach. Pay the minimum required payment on each of the cards, except the smallest debt. In the example used above, this would mean paying the minimum on the BOA & Macy’s cards while at least doubling the Capital one payment. As soon as the capital one card is paid off, you then take the amount that you were paying for that card’s minimum balance and roll it into the next payment. Referencing the example listed above, the Cap1 payment is paid off. Now take the $25 that would normally go toward the Cap1 payment and apply it to the Bank of America card payment, now you are paying at least $75 toward the card instead of $50. If it is in your budget, increase the payment to $100.00. Now your payment schedule looks like this:

Repeat the snowball debt method process until you find yourself completely DEBT-FREE!!!!

For additional assistance calculating debt and managing balances please see the link(s) provided below. As always if you have any questions or would like additional information on debt or any other topic drop a comment, like, and subscribe to the blog! Also, find me on IG @ __krownmeking__ or