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“All that Credit…Dead it!”- or However Biggie Said it

5 easy behaviors to adapt that will positively impact your credit.

“All That Credit…Dead it!”- or however Biggie said it!

5 easy habits to positively impact your credit.

The Notorious B.I.G may have intended to consider credit under different terms in his ‘10 Crack Commandments’. However, the same concept rings true when managing your financial portfolio. While we all know that cash is King, credit holds the keys to the Kingdom. Credit will introduce your name in rooms that cash couldn’t even dream of. With that said, having a handle on your credit is key. Now listen, it is the first of the year and human nature has us all on our best behavior for the first several weeks until we decide that whichever ‘get rich quick’ or ‘drop the weight’ quick scheme has failed us. But when it comes to the way that we manage our finances, we need to employ methods and tactics that will help us to introduce the behaviors in our lives that will yield the long-term success that we are working toward! This blogpost is all about how to positively impact our credit with easy behaviors that we are not only able to implement, but those that we can sustain.

Here’s the deal; I won’t lead you to believe that restoring, establishing or maintaining your credit is easy. It is an investment in your overall wellbeing and livelihood, just as other equally important facets of your life. The reality is what you put in you will get back. Let’s jump into it!

  • Obtain a FREE credit report that includes your credit score and credit history from each of the three credit repositories (Equifax, Experian and Transunion), every 12 months.

  • Tackle the deragotry information first- judgements, collections, charge-off accounts, etc.

  • The company that has reported your charged off account has insurance for the bad debt, this means that they have already been paid by the collection agency to obtain your debt use that to your advantage and negotiate a payment or payment plan that works for you.

  • Be sure to obtain a ‘paid in full’ letter from the collection agency, it will not disclose the amount that you paid, even if you negotiated a lesser value. Mail the letter, (that’s right, snail mail) to each of the credit bureaus. Be sure to include your name, address, SSN, DOB and a notarized copy of your valid photo ID. In your letter request that the deragatory item is removed.

  • Dispute any misinformation that you find on your report; e.g., duplicate accounts (Sprint shows on your credit report twice), incorrect addresses, misspelling of your name, accounts that were obtained illegally before you turned 18, inaccurate charges or amounts, basically any information that does not fit match your current or previous credit profile.

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