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#HotGirlSummer Goal Digging and Goal Setting.

PC: @theestallion

Dear Summer…

I hate to see you leave, but not as much as I love to see my goals come to fruition! Let’s face it, every year we each fall victim to the “I can’t wait for summer” mantra. This year it seems as though we fell victim to the illustrious notion of being a Hot/City Girl for the summer. I won’t hold you, I live for links & drinks, adult Capri suns, cute brunch spots and all of the aesthetics that come with a Hot Girl summer! As we prepare for Summer’s commencement ceremony and we begin to introduce the final season and fourth quarter of the year let’s conduct a quick goal check!

"Queens- my hope for us all for the summer was to twerk the hardest & work the smartest.”

Fourth Quarter always seems to be the shortest and it certainly feels as though it hits the hardest because there are so many holidays (for those who partake) in such a short period of time. The good news is we are in the position to quickly assess how our Summer goal digging is aligning with our Hot Girl Spirit *C'MON SOMEBODY* while we begin to plan for the fall simultaneously. It’s time to assess, strategize, execute, & implement. So let’s jump into it!


  1. Check your credit- are you enroute to 700, 720, 750?- Most banking apps or online service systems include a snap shot of your FICO score and the top attributes that have contributed to said score. While this form of credit monitoring it is a great tool, its intended use is for educational purposes only and not always reflective of your true score. Credit repositories such as Equifax, Experian, and Transunion may have a score that varies anywhere from 10-100 points more or less than what you are seeing via online tools like creditkarma. The good news is you are eligible for a completely FREE report every 12 months! Please visit either of the credit repositories and request your copy, be mindful that you will not see all three scores if you request your report from the credit repositories. For access to your complete credit report and score:

  2. If you haven’t done so already check to determine if you have been impacted by their latest breach. Unfortunately, Equifax is no longer offering the $125 settlement, but free credit monitoring is still available. Check your savings- how close are you to having at least $1,000 saved? -Pay yourself every pay period, I always recommend having a set amount directly deposited to an online savings account, to which you do not have access to via an ATM card, in an effort to truly hold yourself accountable.

  3. Monetize your free time; create an additional stream of income- Commit to driving Lyft one night per week, have your earnings directly deposited into your savings account.

  4. Download the Poshmark app to your phone; get rid of EVERYTHING that you haven’t worn or used in a year.

  5. Get Creative and get paid- Invest your spare change via

  6. Create a budget and stick to it!- Sit down with your bank statements and pay attention to where your money is going. We swipe our cards for $5 multiple times during the day without thinking about the cost, eventually it all adds up. $5 per day on breakfast *5 days /per week is $25/ per month $100 that could be going toward savings and not your waistline. Now add $10 per day for lunch *5 days per week $50/ per month is $200 that could be used toward paying down credit card debt.

  7. Make it a priority to review your expenses monthly, create a system to assist you with paying bills on time and managing your balances.

  8. Get your mind right! Mental health check- Queens, y’all alright? Commit to spending 30 minutes per day focusing on your mental health. Whether you engage in practicing yoga, journaling, meditating, singing, or sitting in a prayer closet the choice is yours. Spend some time with yourself, working on yourself.

Ok ladies, now let’s get in FORMATION! We are armed and equipped with tools necessary to manage our lives and our brand effectively. Everything we need to attain the success we desire; to live our most productive, successful and well balanced lives is within us. Tap into your inner Goddess to draw on your own strength. This hot girl season is momentum is temporary, Queendom is everlasting!



Kacee M. King
Kacee M. King
Mar 09, 2020

This summer shall be the summer of new beginnings!


Feb 12, 2020

Great Tips what shall we call this summer?

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