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Marketable Woman Monday: Acacia

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Is Monday your favorite day of the week yet?!?

Thank you for joining us yet again for Marketable Woman Monday! The goal is to realign our energy and focus surrounding the Monday Blues with highlights of The Marketable Woman. We aim to set the intention that sparks inspiration and excitement surrounding a fresh start to the week!

The Marketable Woman is energetic, compassionate, sincere, and driven. She refuses to hold space for energy that does not serve her. As such, The Marketable Woman preserves the elements of her grace by investing her skillset, knowledge, and talent in spaces where she is celebrated, never tolerated.

Meet Acacia: A Millenial Woman with a passion for fashion and chasing her dreams.

Acacia fulfills one of her life goals during her 9-5 life as a fashion buyer. Additionally, Acacia creates self-fulfillment; whilst simultaneously lending her talents to the world, as the founder and director of 'Left Hand Glam.' Left Hand Glam is a fashion blog that focuses on the elements of being a frugal & fabulous FASHIONISTA! Acacia lives by her self-proclaimed motto " You don't have to break the bank to look fabulous!"

"The Marketable Woman never gives up on her dreams, and pushes through adversity."- Acacia

Due to Acacia's keen eye for style and her commitment to adhere to a budget, countless fashion-forward individuals have sought out her styling expertise, leading to her entrepreneurial endeavors as a stylist (We LOVE to see it)! #Femmepreneur for the WIN!

If you haven't done so already head on over to, subscribe, like, comment, and follow Acaia's fashionable predictions for the remainder of 2020 and beyond!

Acacia, we genuinely appreciate you sharing your journey as a Marketable Woman, we stan a frugal, fashion-forward, melanated Queen!



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