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Marketable Woman Monday: Tiffany Marie

We absolutely adore the fortuity of developing relationships with Queens who are lighting paths for others by sharing their talents and stories to empower, highlight, and exhilarate other women! Please remember to join us weekly as we continue to unveil the multi-faceted concept of The Marketable Woman.

Meet Tiffany Marie: A thirty-three year young, vibrant, full-time Mother of two beautiful, intelligent young Kings. Tiffany is a dedicated partner and founder of The Womanish Movement.

Tiffany defines The Marketable Woman as a Woman who: "...Lives in her truth, walks in her destiny, and empowers others to do the same. Marketable Women are unapologetic in being who they are, and proud to shine their light."

The Womanish Movement (@TheWomanishMovement) is a diverse community of women who empower, support, uplift and inspire women across the world. Tiffany's passion is imminently displayed with her efforts to pour into women by sharing the valleys and peaks she's met along her journey.

Tiffany shares" I was in a dark place, as I began to transition out of the dark place and transform into a better version of myself; I thought there is no way I am the only woman who has once experienced a rough period of time and felt alone."

With that, Tiffany forged The Womanish Movement as a safe space for women to come together, share their experiences, learn coping techniques, elevate one another to build a network of support. Tiffany is adamant that shared experiences from one Queen to another provides support during the times when they have felt alone. Tiffany's aims to amplify a community of women committed to reinforcing positivity and growth amid one another.

Tiffany, thank you for all that you do to support Women! We truly appreciate the opportunity to highlight Marketable Women in all capacities. Thank you for your transparency and strength, we appreciate you! Please follow @TheWomanishMovement for updates on Tiffany's activities throughout the community.

Leave a comment and let us know who our next Marketable Woman should be!



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