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Queen Speaks: The Start.

In celebration of Mercury's Retrograde ending on March 10th, followed my this month's new moon in Pisces and the precipice of the Spring Solstice beginning March 19th, we thought it appropriate to bless you with a supreme level of #QueenSpeaks. Often retrograde experiences leave us feeling exasperated, dull, seeking answers to questions we are unsure of and most importantly the effortless flirtatious of all things beyond us, existing solely in our past. This retrograde wasn't any different, with the exception that the new moon landing in the house of Pisces urged us all to reminisce. Back to a time when love seemed so innocent, when light was indignant, and living was just that... Living in light and love. #QueenSpeaks offers Queens a platform to speak their truth as they see fit. Like to read it? Here it goes...


"Some of y'all ain't Neva had a real B*&!h and it shows.I keep it 100 from my head down to my toes." - Jhene Aiko


Meet Queen Diya; Self-proclaimed Leo Queen Mother of 1. Hot-headed Free spirit.

Pre-k teacher..just letting her light shine on the world. Learning that her 30’s are way crazier than her 20’s ever been.. got an eye for fashion and a permanent member of the cool kids..  love,life, peace happiness.. 💋💋

To the man who taught me how to love.

In a past life.. There was this guy that from day one loved every part of me..

He would do anything for me.his love was overflowing..demanding..persistent..Real

&I took advantage of that..

see it’s possible to have everything in front of you and it’s working and it’s great for you in every way imaginable.

And you still cripple it with your fear..

I mean we’ve all been hurt before.. dragged down.. humiliated by the opposite sex.

And Sad to say..

after that trauma

Alot of things we carry with us..& before you know it’s seeping into the new relationship.

that was me scared to let go. Holding on to a past..

Instead of living in the moment with him.. Instead of looking him in his face and soaking in the sweetest thing I’ve ever known.

I sabatoged it.

The funny thing is I don’t regret and never could regret anything I ever did wrong in this love thang.

You see Sometimes we get wrapped up in other people's perception of what love is supposed to look like.

And we get lost in fairytale that isn’t realistic at all.

See this love thang is messy..ego shattering.. earth moving.. soul aligning type of thang.

& when you really think about it.. it’s as simple as are you riding or not..

So to the man who loved me from the crown of head to the sole of my feet.. thank you.. you prob don’t believe I’m given you so much credit..

But our romance.. our love story.. molded the way I love as women to this day.. I know there’s a man out there that will love me like his life depends on it.  And I no longer doubt how drastic love can change our lives.

So even if we never reconnect again. I’m grateful you loved every part of me from my pettiness to my spoiled ways.

And because of you I won’t take the next man who loves me for granted. I’ll embrace every moment.

You taught me that..

See you next lifetime.



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