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The Epitome of Marketable: Rose Gold Garden Goddess.

Please allow me to reintroduce you to December’s Very Own Capricorn Empress; the illustrious, multi-faceted, astonishingly talented, remarkably intelligent, Business architect, Mother, investor, Yoga Instructor, Partner, Spiritual healer, and the Woman I am lucky enough to call my Best Friend, Rosalee K. Daley.

I met Rose back in 2016, I believe. She was new to the organization and had already begun to generate considerable buzz. I found myself intrigued and drawn to a woman I had not met. I recall the day that I walked into her banking center, she was sitting in the far left corner. Although she was seemingly quiet, her energy was intentional and introduced me to her. I walked right up to her, looked her in her eyes, and introduced myself. We connected a few more times professionally before I found myself extending personal offers into my home. From my home, I then extended her an invitation to my heart. Before I knew it, we had become inseparable.

From the onset of our relationship, Rose created the space for me that I wasn’t even aware I needed. I was on the precipice of a major transition, and everything about her aura appealed to me. Rose has an uncanny way of maintaining a comforting, even tone amid any and all chaos. She possesses the innate ability to bring calm, serene energy to even the most unbalanced situations. Rose is an inspiration of divine feminine balance, confidence, agility, poise, and grace. She is a woman’s woman, an alpha woman, who knows what she wants and even more importantly knows precisely how she will obtain it.


Rose's Personal Brand Mantra- How you do anything is how do you everything, so always do your best.

What I admire most about this Queen is her uncanny ability to stretch herself (sometimes literally) to reinvent herself and realign with her purpose. I love Rose's ability to pause, take inventory of her personal settings, accept accountability, and find the opportunity to move forward. Rose lives her life as her brand; she is financially savvy, holistically attune, diverse in her approach to business, and always seeking opportunities for growth.

Rose reveals the attributes that she remains in possession of as she epitomizes The Marketable Woman; TAP IN!

What about your personality translates well professionally?

My understanding, (emotional IQ) compassion of the human experience because I do so much inner personal work I am able to work with a diverse group of people. I am always able to find the commonality between us to connect with them to what needs to get done professionally- I meet people on their level.

What is your most prized achievement?

Forgiveness. Being able to forgive "the unforgivable" has helped me see my power. But if you need something more tangible, I would say buying my first rental property and increasing my net worth by 50 k making the right investments.

How do you successfully achieve your goals?

I successfully achieve my goals by being clear about what I want. I don't give up. I'm resourceful and if it's out there I find it. Everything that I most notably achieved I first thought of it, and by the power that is in me I was able to masterfully achieve them. At times it can seem like it flourish out of nowhere.

How do you balance all of the roles in your life?

I find that I balance my roles now by putting what's important first and that myself and my family and everything after. A schedule is important for me I like to know what's expected of me and when although I leave room for spontaneity.

What do you value most in your life?

What I value most in life is to experience the ability to experience something new different is a beautiful thing.


Rose lends her expertise to The Marketable Woman, as Co-Founder, visionary expert, lead strategist, marketing guru, and Business Coach. As a holistic healer, Spiritual guide, and Yoga Instructor she spearheads Into-Me-I-See, (including spiritual healing baths, as well as in-person Yoga enlightenment) as the divine extension of The Marketable Woman. Rose's other business endeavors include Real Estate Investing and Consulting. A notoriously private woman, it is even difficult for me to keep track of all her many business endeavors!

Rose is a self-proclaimed scientist who admits that her biggest experiment has been on herself. She remains committed to health and wellness and cares for her mind, body, and soul with a plant-based diet. Rose is a voracious reader, she continually seeks opportunities to enlighten her friends and loved ones with the information that she has absorbed. Her heart emits a frequency of love, it is my pleasure to be tuned in.

Please join me in wishing My Capricorn Queen, The Happiest of Birthdays!!



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