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The Marketable Woman- Who is she?

Welcome to Marketable Woman Monday! We have invested the last several weeks highlighting and embracing several amazing Women who are sharpening their skills to be showcased across various industries in distinctive capacities. This week is very special to us, as we take the time to appreciate the Women whos collaborative genius developed and branded 'The Marketable Woman'. In this week's post, we give you an in-depth sneak peek at the Women responsible for the brand. We also chronicle how we arrived at 'The Marketable Woman' and describe just who 'The Marketable Woman' is.

Who is she you ask? Well, allow us the pleasure of introducing you to her.

The Marketable Woman is like a compass. She is able to navigate any territory (field /Industry). She is grounded in a deep sense of self. She is clear about her desires and understands her opportunities for growth. She recognizes her skill(s) and she leverages them accordingly.

The Marketable Woman is fueled by her purpose and driven by her destiny. She is versatile, unique, and unapologetically herself. She is no way shape or form conceives herself to be perfect. The Marketable Woman accepts that she is in a constant cycle of evolution. No matter the level of success or notoriety she experiences she continues to be an avid learner of life.

"The Life you want is already yours. You just have to claim it and know you deserve it."- The Marketable Woman Rosalee

Are you a Marketable Woman?

Allow us to introduce you to the most valuable asset you will ever possess, You! We want to work with you to educate you on various ways to fully uncover the characteristics you have secured as The Marketable Woman. Regardless if you are a working 9-5 Professional, Budding Entrepreneur, Femprenuer, Mompreneur, or a Seasoned Business owner we will add value to your journey.

The Marketable Woman was birthed, when we unearthed our innate abilities to share many of the professional challenges that we have faced with an audience who desired the mentor/mentee relationship we longed for during our phases of trial and error. We realized that our journeys both individually and collectively mirrored each other, we could only imagine how many other countless women shared our experiences. With that in mind, we recognized the opportunity to provide guidance and leadership to establish The Marketable Woman in every capacity she wishes to dominate.

"Hone in on your intuition. Allow it to lead you to the places and positions that you have manifested." - The Marketable Woman Kacee

We are elated and overjoyed to announce the launch of our eGuide 'You are the Bag! The Marketable Woman's eGuide to Brand evolvement and Marketable Enhancements' this coming Friday, August 28th, 2020! Stay tuned for updates regarding the launch, we have some dope giveaways that we are delighted to share with you!!



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